Module Overview

Design with Computers 1

The aim of this module is to equip the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create, modify and interpret, 2-D basic drawings of structures or buildings in a CAD environment to a recognised standard.

Module Code

CDES H1001

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Structural Drawings and Standards: 10%

The purpose of drawings. Orthographic projection, third angle projection. Plan and elevation views, sectional views, detailed views. Drawing Standards for structures and buildings.

Introduction to 2-D CAD: 10%

Initiating a drawing session. Naming, saving and storing files. File types and extensions. Line styles, widths and colours. Layer conventions and use.

Entity construction: 20%

Lines, construction lines, multi-lines and poly lines. Circles, arcs, splines and ellipses.

Entity modification: 20%

Properties and property matching. Erasing, moving, rotating, stretching, trimming, breaking, filleting and chamfering.

Entity replication: 10%

Entity replication: Copying, mirroring, offsetting and arraying.

Drawing Annotation: 20%

Creating and editing text. Text fonts and styles. Creating dimensions and tolerances. Cross hatching and patterns. Dimensioning standards.

Drawing Production: 10%

Blocks, external references and title blocks. Hardcopy production.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100