Module Overview

Placement (Part B)

The placement module links the skills and techniques acquired during course work to the requirements of an industrial or research laboratory in Ireland or abroad (ERASMUS). In addition to acquiring workplace related skills, the work experience gained and recorded in the students CV will serve to enhance the employability of the student following graduation.

Module Code

CHEM 3009

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Placement in Ireland or abroad.
The 6 month placement is integrated as closely as possible with the overall student programme incorporating all the day to day and medium term pressures of the work culture, represents the best practice that can be offered to students.
Student Placement
The School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in general, sources placements in Ireland and abroad (under the ERASMUS scheme).
Normally students enrolled on the BSc in Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry partake in an International (including Erasmus) placement.
Students enrolled on the BSc in Analytical Chemistry (Environmental, Forensic & Pharmaceutical) will normally partake in a work experience placement in Ireland.
Where there is competition for placements candidate selection is by competitive interview.

Students are encouraged to source their own placement which must extend for 6 months. The year coordinator for the relevant group must agree that this placement is appropriate by 1st of October of the relevant academic year.
On completion of the placement students must receive a satisfactory report from their external supervisor who will be asked to comment on their performance and attendance.
Where a student has not attended their placement to the required level the student will be deemed to fail and will be required to take the Alternative to Placement outlined below the following year
Qualification for Placement
The student must pass 4 of the 6 modules in semester 1 of year 3 to progress to placement. In exceptional circumstances a student may be permitted to progress to placement while not meeting this requirement.
Students who do not meet the minimum academic requirement for placement must take the alternative to placement outlined below.

Alternative to Placement (30 ECTS)
The course committee reserve the right to require any student to take semester 2 of year 3 of the DT261 Programme BSc in Medical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences’ or equivalent if a suitable placement cannot be arranged. The student will be required to fulfil the assessment requirements for Semester 2 of DT261 to progress to Stage 4 of the programme. The programme committee reserves the right to substitute a suitable module for any of the DT261 year 3 suite of modules.


The module will be carried out in an industrial/commercial/public laboratory or in a research laboratory within a higher level institution.
The student will engage in self-directed learning and experiential learning : engaging with and applying practical training received from the host, report writing and laboratory record keeping.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100