Module Overview


This module is the final year chemistry project. Learners will carry out a project in
relation to an authentic scientific problem. This will provide the learner with the
opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge which have been gained over the
course of the programme to solve a real scientific problem.

Module Code

CHEM 3015

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

The practical element will require the student to spend up to 60 hours in the laboratory conducting the appropriate experiments. For this part of the module, the learner will be provided with a detailed handbook in which the main aim and objectives, timelines and deliverables of the project work are outlined. Regular consultations between student and supervisor occur throughout the course of the project work and at all times a safety protocol is maintained in accordance with the School safety statement. Prior to commencing the practical work, learners will be introduced to basic research methods including use of databases to search the scientific literature, time management and oral and written presentation skills Learners will receive appropriate training to refresh and update their awareness of the Health and Safety aspects of the practical work, including guidance on the preparation of a chemical risk assessment (CRA). Practical work cannot begin until a CRA of the proposed practical work has been completed and agreed. Use of MS Excel for data analysis, calculations, graphing. Use of chemical drawing packages. Use of MS Word for document preparation. Sourcing and summarising scientific articles.

Laboratory sessions, supervisor feedback and guidance. Learners will participate in relevant workshops. A lunchtime research seminar will be run each semester at which attendance is compulsory. Additionally a career development workshop will be held during one semester and attendance at this workshop will be compulsory. A short report on each of the 2 research seminars will be submitted by each student and these activities will contribute 3% to the overall project module mark.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100