Module Overview

Professional Communications & Employment Preparation

The focus of this module is employability. It is intended that students will be enabled through practical application to create and or enhance their C.V.'s and gain interview, communication and presentation skills. With the global expansion of businesses and cultural diversity, there is an increase in demand for graduates with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Module Code

COMM H3015

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Accessing Job Opportunities & C.V. Preparation

Learn to assess job opportunities and navigate the graduate job market. Identify individual core skills, interests and values. Make applications: do's and dont's. Tips for suceeding at selection. Identify different resume styles. Prepare the curriculum vitae and the cover letter. Present a holistic review of one's self. Develop a sense of personal branding. Identify ones strengths and how to utilise them.

Interview Preparation

The interview process. Exam interview types. Explore interview question types. Prepare for the interview: information and employment types. Conducting interviews - utilising role play to gain practical skills. Performance feedback and review of KPI's.

Personal & Business Communication Skills

Communication process, barriers to communication, Non verbal Communication, Listening and Interpersonal skills. Creating effective business messages, tools for business communication, routine business messages, persuasive messages, bad news messages, business reports and writing style.

Organisational Communications & Effective Presentations

Cross Functional Communication. Organizing messages to other cultures. Communication dynamics in the international company. Developing the presentation, visual supports in presentation, delivering the presentation, informative and persuasive speaking and virtual presentations.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100