Module Overview

Engineering Computing


This is an introductory module in engineering computing. The main aim of the module is to introduce learners to fundamental procedural programming concepts and to facilitate the development of fundamental procedural programming skills. These programming concepts are introduced, and the programming skills are developed, using the high-level numerical-computing-environment MATLAB but are relevant to any modern procedural programming language. The module also introduces learners to data analysis using Excel and to computer systems in general. Upon successful completion of this module, learners should appreciate that basic programming competence is now indispensable for engineers and be able to apply computer programs to solve engineering problems.


Module Code

COMP 1000

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Section 1: Excel and Introduction to Matlab



Overview of module. Introduction to computer systems, i.e. hardware components and operating systems. Introduction to computing tools and computing languages employed in engineering.


Programming Concepts

Programming concepts - variable types and arrays, loops and conditional statements,



Introduction to Excel. Cells, relative and absolute addressing, entering formulae and filling, functions, operator precedence, naming ranges, matrix operations, goal seek and solver, charting/plotting and trendlines.


Introduction to MATLAB   The MATLAB environment. variables and matrices, operators and built-in functions.


Section 2: Matlab and further programming concepts


Programming Concepts

Writing and debugging scripts and functions. input and output, file handling. Algorithm and program development, Application to solving engineering problems.


Matlab: Data input and output, file operations, plotting and visualisation. User defined functions. Solving real world engineering problems using Matlab.

Classes are generally held in a computer laboratory. The focus of the module is on programming practice and the development of programming skills.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100