Module Overview

IT Business Management

The purpose of this module is to create an appreciation of the broad range of topics that influence the practice of management with a particular focus on the IT sector. - To develop in learners a positive, though realistic, attitude toward management as a discipline and as a range of skills which require integration and practical application

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COMP H2034

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to IT Management

The Nature of Management; Basic Management Functions; Management Skills; Management Roles and Responsibilities; The Development of IT Management Thought; Forces on Organisations; New management Competencies; Managing Crises and Unexpected Events.

IT Management Planning

Organisational Goals and Plans; Components of Strategy; Using SWOT analysis to Formulate Plans; Types of Plans; Planning in Turbulent Times; The Planning Process; Traditional and High Performance Approaches to Planning; Perspectives on Decision Making; The Decision Making Process; Behavioural Aspects of Decision Making; Group Decision Making.

IT Management Organising

Basic Elements of Organising; Basic Forms of Organisation Design; Emerging Issues in Organisation Design; Factors Shaping Structure; Planned Organisational Change; Implementing Change; Types of Change; Areas of Organisational Change; Organisational Innovation.

Leading in an IT environment

The Nature of Leadership; Leadership vs. Management; Approaches to Leadership; Leading Change; Power and Influence; Leadership for Turbulent Times; Styles of Leadership; Leadership Behaviours.

IT Management Controlling

The Nature of Control; Operations Control; Methods and Types of Control; Managing Control; The Control Process; Effective Control; Resistance to Control.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100