Module Overview

Major Group Project (Part 2)

The aim of this module is to:- Provide learners with an opportunity to undertake a substantial, group computing project and take responsibility for a full system life cycle. - Train learners in the essential skills (teamworking, creative thinking etc) and best practices so that they can conduct themselves professionally in a group project.- To give learners the experience of the latter stages of the system life cycle, including project implementation, evaluation, review, testing and final analysis- To allow leraners to prepare for and undertake an oral presentation and defence of their system and project experiences- To provide an opportunity for learners to write a thesis describing and defending their system analyis, design, implementation, testing and evaluation- To provide learners with the opportunity to document their learning experiences, and reflect upon the problems, solutions and challenges of a substantial group project

Module Code

COMP H3035

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Module Content & Assessment
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