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Research Skills

Info - The Project Part 1 module of BN104 and BN402 is to reduce from 10 to 5 credits, and this new 5 credit module will take up the new 5 credits

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COMP H4028

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What is research?

Definition of Research Problem - The nature of scientific enquiry - types and roles of 'evidence' in scientific enquiry - Requirements for a 'project proposal'

Research Project Planning

project planning - how research projects different from software development projects - project planning tools - requirements for a research project plan

Academic writing

first/second/third person writing - subverting the 'self' to attempt to write impartially - verbatim quotation versus paraphrasing versus describing in one's own words - referencing and citation methods (such as Harvard and IEEE) - structure and layout of an academic paper - structure and layout of an academic dissertation

Commericialisation and entrepreneurship

methods of commericial exploitation of research - evauating risks and opportunities for commercialisation - stages in the commericalisation process - requirements for a commercialisation plan

Qualitative and Quantitative statistics for research projects

the nature of evidence in evaluating scientific claims - qualitative and quantitative data types - populations and samples - statistical testing methods and how to evaluate their reliability - effective design and evaluation of questionnaires

Evaluating and Reviewing the work of others

methods of summarising and quoting the work of others - the difference between 'describing' and 'critically reviewing' the work of others - targeting the evaluation of others work with reference to how that work relates to a specific research project

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