Module Overview

Graphic Design 2

This module is designed to further explore and identify key formal elements in graphic design processes and practices. The areas of study encompass typography, colour theory, branding and identity, information design, as well as production and presentation skills. The student will also further explore the possibilities of the typographic forms as non-linguistic visual communications. The students will continue to foster an appreciation of major art and design trends throughout the 20thand 21st centuries. The module is designed to familiarize students with Adobe CC Vector based software.

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DESG H1005

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Tools and Technology

A detailed introduction to the tools and capabilities of Adobe CC, Illustrator. Particular emphasis will be places on the exploration of colour theory and typography to produce graphics for a digital graphic production.


Students continue their typographic education by looking at issues of typographic structure and hierarchy. Investigating the nature of letterforms as type, and as graphic shapes. Using type in creative ways to enhance graphic design projects and/or to express an abstract concept. Students will use typographic techniques to create effective visual communications e.g. advertisements, posters, logos etc.,

Project Planning & Development

Brainstorming methods. Research and development. Keeping a record of the development process involved throughout the project and the refinement of the idea. Thumbnail and storyboard development. Students will be required to keep a blog reflecting on their learning, and supporting the process and development of their projects.

Design Studies (History)

This Semester explores developments in the graphic arts in the 20th century. The major Modernist artists and movements that sought to revolutionise vision, culture, and experience, will be discussed, for example, Cubism, Dada, De Stijl, The Bauhaus. The impact of World War I and II, the Great Depression, and the rise of fascism will be examined as well for their devastation of the Modernist dream of social-cultural renewal.

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