Module Overview

Final Year Project (Dissertation)

The final year project is a capstone piece of work where the student demonstrates the effective integration of learning during the programme. A dissertation addressing a problem or issue, of theoretical interest, in one of the following fields: Business Analytics, Data Management, Predictive Analytics or applications of Business Analytics in a commercial or Business context.  The dissertation must contain appropriate primary research and may be conducted within an industrial setting, if students so wish. 

Module Code

DISS 4010

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Problem definition, context and scope

Clear and focused problem definition. Context and background to the project is given and scope is well defined.

Literature Review

Comprehensive critical analysis of the literature, drawing on books, journals and recent research. Depth and quality of critical analysis, related back to the student’s project.

Research Design

Research design is well described and choice of approach/techniques are justified.

Analysis Complexity

Variety and depth of the analytical methods applied e.g. basic statistics, AI, ML etc. Comparison of different approaches.

Analysis Implementation

Implementation of the analysis including data acquisition, preprocessing, algorithms (custom built vs library call), technologies used, codebase.


Comprehensive analysis and interpretation of findings in an integrated manner. Appropriateness of conclusions in the light of terms of reference and empirical work.Recommendations.


Professional presentation of material and argument in a clear, concise, cohesive way. Accurate referencing. Format, writing, structure and flow.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100