Module Overview

Storytelling & Narrative

The purpose of this module is to give students a foundation in the art and application of narrative storytelling. The module is designed to engage students with theoretical knowledge of narrative & storytelling techniques combined with practical elements to provide an in-depth exploration of storytelling in the digital age. The module will highlight the various approaches and techniques as used in storytelling in traditional and digital media. Students will be equipped with the tools and vocabulary to develop their own narrative and digital stories.

Module Code

DMED H1030

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Narrative Theory

Understand theoretical concepts underpinning story structures and character development and how they can employed in traditional and digital media.

Story and Character Design

Discuss and implement techniques for story and character design & development – including narrative & character arcs, plot conventions, storyboards, and structure diagrams.


Create a fully formed digital narrative project, using audio and visual elements and timeline based software, and utilizing newly acquired storytelling techniques.

Peer Learning

Engage in peer learning, though group discussion, critique and audience testing. Collate and integrate feedback in order to generate and develop ideas, refine and edit story structures and audio-visual storytelling.

Case Studies & Analysis

Analyze historical and contemporary examples of storytelling (film, tv, digital and traditional media) to understand and apply structure, character and audio-visual storytelling

Critical thinking

Engage in social and cultural critique and make a critical intervention through digital media storytelling

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100