Module Overview

Multimedia Development 2

This module aims to further increase the learners development skills in multimedia, through the creation of more advanced digital artefacts. Within this context, scripting and coding will be covered in an appropriate detail to allow for a more flexible and controlled approach to creating interactive multimedia applications. Coding structures including scripting, sequence, selection, iteration and modularisation will be covered to give students practical experience in designing and implementing interactive systems. The creation of different multimedia applications such as interactive kiosk systems, two-dimensionalcomputer games, eLearning resources, simulations and basic mobile apps will give participants a hands on overview of the variety of multimedia objects that can be built.

Module Code

DMED H2028

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Multimedia system development life cycle

Designing and Structuring assets and objects for multimedia systems. Incorporating the Multimedia Product Development Life Cycle (Planning, Design, Implementation and Testing) Structuring code.Exploring different types of multimedia systems including games, simulations, installations and mobile apps.

Physical and vector-based simulated motion

Implementing user control of speed, velocity and acceleration.Modelling motion and forces with vectors. Managing sprite movements through simulated physical motion such as gravity, elasticity and velocity changes due to collisions.

Incorporting audio-visual assets

Audio: Background music, sound effects, speech, talking heads.Visual: Location panorama, animated buttons, animated backgrounds. Loading and playing multimedia assets at both design time and run time.

Multimedia scripting, coding and data communications

Introduction to communication-driven interactive multimedia systems. Working with persistent data and external data sources (e.g. text files, XML files, databases). Using scripts and code sequences, selection and iterations to allow for further control and interactivity within artefacts.

HCI and multimedia systems for mobile devices

Design challenges and constraints for mobile devices.Standard Human Computer Interaction (HCI) approaches to these challenges. Deployment of artefacts and products for use as mobile apps.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100