Module Overview

Group Project (Phase 1)

This module will take learners through the process and implementation of creating a full-scale digital media product in a team environment. The project undertaken will be a year long endeavour whereby this module will focus on the planning and process phase. Learners will develop skills in collaborative working practice, using creative thinking and best practices for project management in order to prepare them for group project work. Learners will take part in a taught component of project management techniques in addition to them carrying out the implementation of an actual project. General Aims: • develop the learners ability to make design and implementation decisions with regard to usability, accessibility, scope, compatibility, aesthetics, cost, and technical feasibility; • expose the learner to issues surrounding digital media projects such as project workflows and asset dependencies; • develop the learners ability to turn around projects with the most efficient use of time, facilities, equipment and skills; • develop the learners ability to critically analyse their work as a viable product

Module Code

DMED H2030

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Project Management Techniques

A taught component will be delivered covering the general principles of project management best practices that will in incorporated into the group project.


The project should include the following activities:1. Project research and proposal 2. Feasibility evaluation, where relevant3. Review of relevant research and technical information;4. Outline project plan to include milestones, goals and specific responsibilities for each group member;5. Detailed project plan to include Gantt charts or similar 6. Visulation and prototyping;7. Presentation of initial images/designs/tests/prototypes;8. Production of digital media assets/digital media system;9. Testing, evaluation and analysis of project effectiveness;10. Review conclusions and reflections;11. Preparation of final report and supporting documentation;12. Presentation/demonstration of group project;

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100