Module Overview

Documentary Filmmaking

This module provides a blend of theory and practice in the study and production of documentary film. There is a focus on the use of camera, sound, post-production, storytelling, ethics, authorship and exhibition in both theory and practice. Students will have experience of completing a full documentary film project and the ability to reflect on the relationships between theory and practice.

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DMED H2032

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Early factual filmmaking

Focusing on the Lumiere Brothers, John Grierson, Robert Flaherty and the early documentary form.

Development of Factual Filmmaking

Discussing and reviewing the development of documentary styles, from the observational through to the essay. Including Soviet Cinema & Vertov in the 20's & 30's; British Free Cinema (Lindsay Anderson) in the 50's; US documentary-making in the 60's (D.A. Pennebaker, Maysels brothers etc.), as well as modern cinematic documentaries.

Documentary Pre-Production

Developing a pitch, narrative approach & visual technique, research skills for non-fiction programming, interview techniques; scripting for non fiction.

Production and Editing

Methods for 'run-and-gun' filming, filming on a budget or with skeleton crew. Audio capturing techniques, camera coverage, and story development. Technical editing skills from import through to presentation, as well as practical techniques for crafting and refining the story.

Presentation and Evaluation

Defending and presenting the final piece, as well as reflective writing on the process of production.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100