Module Overview

Sound Design

This module is intended to deepen the learners understanding of digital audio by providing an in-depth treatment of topics such as the physics of sound and digital audio representation and processing. It will also give the learners the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out field recordings, foley recordings, multi-tracked digital audio mixing and production. The knowledge and skills gained will be applicable to any form of multi-tracked audio production, such as audio for film, documentaries, animation, radio/audio-only programmes, theatre, games and multimedia environments, as well as music productions. In particular the module aims to: • give learners a full understanding of the principles of the theory of sound and of digital audio representation and processing; • provide learners with the ability to apply this theory to practical sound recording, engineering, and production; • expose the learners to the full audio production and post-production process; • give learners a thorough understanding of the relationship of sound and moving image; • provide learners with the knowledge required for designing an effective sound mix for integration with moving image projects.

Module Code

DMED H3016

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Theory of Sound

• Wave theory• Physics of sound• Human perception and response• Acoustics

Digital Audio Representation and Processing

• Signal and sampling theory• Bit depth and Quantization• AD/DA Conversion• Digital audio technologies (storage, transmission, manipulation)

Audio Capture

• Overview of the recording process• Microphone characteristics and use• Hardware and software for capture• Application of acoustic principles for effective capture

Sound and Picture

• A brief history of sound for picture • Sound design theory • Analysis of sound in cinema

Digital Signal Processing and Effects

• Digital Signal Processing principles• Time, space and frequency domains• Filters for audio (high-low pass, peaking, shelving)• Effects (reverb, delay, chorus)• Compressors and noise gates• Synthesis of sound effects

Audio Editing and Mixing

• Non-linear digital editing• Overview of software and hardware for audio manipulation• Dialogue, SFX and Music editing• Introduction to the mixing process• Elements of the mix• The mixing console• Use of EQ


• Key concepts of mastering• Mastering tools• Preparing a mix for mastering• Use of equalization, compression, limiting and noise reduction

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100