Module Overview

Drama Filmmaking

This module aims to provide students with all the necessary theory, skills and experience to make short fictional films of quality. There will be a focus on writing and developing scripts and the full pre-production process; production elements including cameras, lenses, lighting and cinematography; and editing and post-production techniques. Students will also gain a deeper insight into the film business and inner workings of the industry.

Module Code

DMED H3026

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Film Theory and History

• Learning the language of film and cinema literacy • Understanding genre and sub-genre • Semiotics and decoding film • Film history

Film Pre-production

• Script writing and introduction to final draft • Budget and how to shoot for less • Pitch, high concept and treatment • Applying for funding • Casting: auditions, casting calls, screen tests, read-throughs and rehearsals • Developing production schedules: script breakdown, shooting schedule, production schedule, shot lists, shooting scripts and storyboards • Crew: key personnel and roles. Which students will do what? • Production design and art direction: props, dressing locations, costumes and makeup • Developing call sheets and getting organised for production

Film Production

• Camera and cinematography: master scene method, subjective and objective views, blocking scenes, coverage, plan scene, Hitchcock’s rule, visual language and basic composition rules. • Camera dynamics: moving with the camera including pan, tilt, zoom, handheld, move in/out, tracking shots, counter moves. • Using lights to tell a story: covering the history of lighting in film, lighting effects, using reflectors and basic positioning. • Directing actors.• Sound: capturing pristine dialogue • Log sheets: keeping organised, continuity, and the importance of the clapperboard.• Viewing and backing up rushes / dailies.

Film Post-production

• Film editing: creating the rough cut, fine cut and film editing techniques • Adding graphics including opening titles and credits • Post-production sound: adding wild track and room tone / atoms. Adding sound effects, voice overs, foley and developing M&E track and continuity script for foreign release.• Music and score

Film business and legal matters

• Legal matters: basic media law and legal forms including location release form, artwork release form, cast and crew release form, non-disclosure agreement • Insurance: what to insure and what not to insure • Film unions and pay scales: SIPTU and Equity • Distribution methods • Submission to film festivals • Marketing and promoting your film

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100