Module Overview

Modern Management

The module explores the macro and micro environments of organisations as a context for management before examining the key managerial functions as they relate to marketing: planning; organising; leadership & motivation; and control. The module aims to: 1. Enable learners to develop insight into the principles and practices underpinning the management of a modern business enterprise. 2. Provide learners with an in-depth knowledge of modern business environments and industries and understanding of the challenges and opportunities therein. 3. Develop learners' ability to analyse the macro and micro economic factors influencing the performance of modern organisations. A key aspect of the assessment of this module is the integration of the "Team Assignment" with the "Skills for Success in HE" year 1 semester 1 module.

Module Code

DMKT H1013

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Management

Management Functions, Skills, Roles and Levels; Managing in different areas of the organisation.

The Environments of Organisations

The General, Task and Internal Environment; The impact of Technological Trends on the Business Enterprise; Tools used in analysing the Business Environment; International Environment.

Macro-economic Fundamentals

Market failure; National Income analysis; Money and Banking; Inflation and unemployment.

Micro-economic Fundamentals

Nature of economic theory; Demand and Supply analysis; Elasticity; Factor Markets and Market Structures.

Planning (Brand, Project, Business, Marketing)

Organisational Goals and Plans; Components of Strategy; Using SWOT analysis to Formulate Plans; Types of Plans (Brand, Project, Business, Marketing); The Planning Process.


Basic Elements of Organising; Basic Forms of Organisation Design; Emerging Issues in Modern Organisation Design.

Leadership and Motivation

The Nature of Leadership; Leadership vs. Management; Approaches to Leadership; Styles of Leadership; Leadership Behaviours; Theories of Motivation.


The Nature of Control; Operations Control; Methods and Types of Control; Managing Control; The Control Process; Effective Control; Resistance to Control.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination60
Other Assessment(s)40