Module Overview

Consumer Behaviour

Building on concepts introduced in year 1, the purpose of this module is to : • Provide students with an introduction to the academic discipline of consumer behaviour • Illustrate how consumer behaviour variables are used in marketing practice • Foster a critical understanding of issues in the fields of consumption, consumer research and consumer culture

Module Code

DMKT H2013

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour


Perception & Consumer Involvement:

Perception; Consumer involvement; Compulsive buying; the buyer decision making process for new products; Differentiation

Consumer Motivation:

Motivation as a psychological force; needs; wants and demands; Goals; positive & negative motivation; rational versus emotional

Personality, Lifestyles and Psycographics:

What is Personality? Research approaches to personality; personality and self-concept; personality and consumer behaviour; Brand personality

Consumer Learning:

Cognitive Learning Theory; Behavioural Theory; Role of Memory in Learning; Measures of Consumer Learning; Forgetting

Consumer Attitude Formation:

What are Attitudes? Attitude formation/change; When attitudes predict behaviour; how Affective Attitudes are Influenced;

Consumer Decision Processes:

Consumer decision making; External search: searching for information from the environment; the Consumer Decision Making process; Models of Consumer Decision Making; Relationship Marketing

Consumer Behaviour and Communication:

Models of Communication; Barriers to Communication; the Changing Face of Marketing Communications; Ethics and Socially Responsible Marketing Communications; Public Relations; Advertising; Design Persuasive Communications

The Influence of Culture, SubCulture & Social Class on Consumer Behavi

Culture; Cultural Influences of Consumer Behaviour; the role of Consumer Goods in a Culture; Sub-culture; Pop Culture; Social Class; Materialism & Symbolism

Organisation, Reference-Group & Family Influences on Consumer Behaviou

Organisational Consumers versus Individual Consumers; Reference Groups; Gender & Sexual Orientation influences on consumer behaviour; Family/Household influences on Consumer Behaviour; Children as Consumers

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)50