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Law & the Regulatory Environment

The aim of this module is that on successful completion the learner will develop and apply knowledge and skills in general and applied principles of the Irish legal and regulatory environment in a marketing and on line business environment.

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DMKT H2015

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Legal System

The nature of law, and classification of law Principal and secondary sources of law Common law, Equity The structure of the Courts and the legal profession

Contract Law

Essential elements of a contract Forms of a contract Terms of a contract Validity of a contract Discharge of a contract Remedies for breach

Consumer Rights

Contracts for the sale of goods; Hire purchase and credit sale agreements; Buying goods/Buying online/Rules on pricing/Buying a car/Buying a home/Gift vouchers/Scams/Services and contracts/Travel/Advertising


Copyright – ownership of copyright The nature and extent of copyright protection Non-literal copying Trademarks

Data Protection

Scope of Data Protection Data Protection principles Individual rights and remedies Obligations under Data Protection legislation

Advertising Standards

Introduction to advertising, self regulation and the ASAI/ Code of standards- Definitions : Scope and Application : General Rules : Misleading Advertising : Promotional Marketing : Distance Selling (Mail Order, Direct Response and Online Selling): Children : Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Alcoholic Drinks : Gambling : Health and Beauty : Slimming : Financial Services and Products : Employment and Business Opportunities : Environmental Claims : Occasional Trading : E-Cigarettes : Online Behavioural Advertising

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Section 42 of the Broadcasting Act 2009 .Current Codes & Standards :-BAI General and Children’s Commercial Communications Codes.Code of Programme StandardsThe Code of Fairness, Impartiality and Objectivity in News and Current AffairsBAI Access Rules 2015BAI Right of Reply SchemeBAI Rules on Advertising and Teleshopping (Daily and Hourly Limits)ODAS Code of Conduct for media service providers of on-demand audiovisual media servicesCode of Fair Trading Practice

Direct Marketing Regulations

Direct Marketing - a General Guide Restrictions on the use of publicly available data for marketing purposes Data Protection in the Telecommunications Sector Guide to the use of the National Directory Database for Direct Marketers Direct marketing telephone calls by Electronic Communications Service Providers to their Subscribers and former Subscribers Use of Bluetooth Technology for Direct Marketing Purposes A Consumer Guide to Dealing with Unsolicited Direct Marketing

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