Module Overview

Online Advertising

The main aims of this module are to provide the learner with: A solid foundation in the principles of online advertising and its role within the digital marketing communications mix. A conceptual knowledge and practical appreciation of online advertising strategy development and implementation. An ability to examine the role and function of the various online advertising options and develop online advertising campaigns. A practical understanding and knowledge of the main evaluation tools used to determine the success of an online advertising campaign. This module will build on the foundation concepts of advertising and communication delivered in year 2 with a specific focus on the applied nature of advertising in the digital domain.

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DMKT H2017

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Developing an Online Advertising Strategy

The online advertising process (briefing, research, development, testing, implementation, evaluation)Developing clear and achievable online advertising objectives, Integrating online and offline advertising,Co-ordinating online advertising with other elements of the digital marketing communications mix.

Search Engine Advertising / Pay-Per-Click

Search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising through the major search engines.The strategic importance of SEM and what it can deliver as part of a digital marketing strategy. The key advantages of PPC advertising.Setting PPC Objectives,PPC & Google AdWords,Creating an AdWords Campaign,Evaluating a PPC Campaign.

Display Advertising

Display advertising and the benefits of adopting it as part of a digital marketing strategy.The key stages involved in developing & managing an online display campaign.The strategic importance of utilising effective targeting, budgeting and monitoring techniques. Standard Display Formats,Rich Media Ads,Pre-rolls, Mid-rolls,Video Tickers,Sponsorships / Integrations,Native Advertising,Brand campaigns / direct response campaigns,Planning, developing, implementing, monitoring & evaluating a display campaign.

Media and Online Advertising

The online advertising buying process ,Media Planning & Strategy,Media Buying,Adserving,Campaign Reporting / evaluation.

Mobile Marketing

The context for mobile marketing, key driversConsumer expectations and behaviour in the mobile category,Developing a mobile advertising strategy: goals, strategy, implementation, testing & review,Mobile advertising formats,Geo-location advertising,QR Codes,Mobile Coupons / ticketing,Mobile Optimised Websites,Mobile Apps,Social Media.

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Other Assessment(s)100