Module Overview

Advertising & Communications

This module aims to develop in the learner the aptitude to recognise the role of advertising and communications in a business and marketing context and understand the importance of integrated marketing communications in communicating consumer value. It follows and will build on concepts introduced in year 1.

Module Code

DMKT H2019

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Marketing Communications:

Promotion within the marketing mix, managing marketing communications, IMC elements -traditional and digital.


Aims and Objectives, The Role of Advertising, Emotion in Advertising, Advertising Strategies, Advertising Models and Concepts, Message, Content and Creative Approaches, Establishing Credibility, Integrating Advertising.

Branding and Product Management:

Managing Brands and Product Lines over through the Product Life Cycle , Brand and Product Portfolios, Successful Branding, Building Brands, Brands strategies, Packaging and Labelling Decisions, New Product Development, Marketing Communications and Brand Equity Distinguishing between Products & Brands

Managing Marketing Communications:

The Development and Perspectives of IMC, IMC Strategies, Tactics and Planning, Objectives and Positioning, The Creative Idea, Budgeting and Marketing Communications, Media Planning, Resources and Marketing Communications, Evaluation of Marketing Communications.

Public Relations:

Aims and Objectives, Characteristics of Public Relations, The Public Relationship Framework, Relationship Management, The Public Relationship Plan, Cause-Related marketing, Methods and Techniques, Crisis Communications, The Integration of Public Relations.


Aims and Objectives, The Growth of Sponsorship, Theories and Concepts, Forms of Sponsorship, The Integration of Sponsorship.

Direct Marketing and other Techniques:

Aims and Objectives, The Role of Direct Marketing, The Growth of Direct Marketing, Databases, Permission Marketing, Multi-channel Selling, The Integration of Direct Marketing, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.

Personal Selling & Sales Promotion:

Aims and Objectives, Types of Personal Selling, The Role of Personal Selling & Sales Promotion, The Selling Process, Sales Force Management, The Integration of Personal Selling, The Value of Sales Promotion, Sales Promotion Plans, The Strategic Use of Sales Promotion. Loyalty and Retention Programmes, Integrating Sales Promotion.

The Media:

Traditional Media, New Media, Digital Media, Social Change and Social Media, Interactive Communications, Media Planning and Behaviour.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)50