Module Overview

Databases for Marketing

The objective of this module is to equip the marketing student with the knowledge and skills necessary to allow them to efficiently use, and extract the necessary data/information from, standard industry databases for marketing purposes.

Module Code

DMKT H2021

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

General Introduction to Database Systems (10%)

Basic concepts, Database approach, History of database systems, database models, evolution of database systems, the range of database applications, the traditional database approach, the relationship model.

The Marketing Database (10%)

What is a marketing database, types of data held, database management issues, data regulation issues, data protection acts.

Contemporary Database Issues (20%)

Using databases for traditional mail merge application, using databases for email marketing, accessing information from eCommerce on-line databases (MySQL databases), harvesting information from existing transactional data-stores, Data Warehousing and Data Marts, Customer Relationship Management system databases, accessing public domain databases for the purposes of digital marketing – i.e. local authorities, government, etc. , Targeting by postcode, Conducting Online surveys, techniques and issues with harvesting information from Value Club/Loyalty Card databases.

Structured Query Language (60%)

History of SQL, Select statement, eliminating duplication, sorting, data types, expressions,data filtering, conditional clauses, multiple tables (intersection, difference and union), inner and outer joins, summarizing and grouping data, aggregate functions, group by clauses, filtering data statements,

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100