Module Overview


The purpose of this module is to encourage, promote and support student development of a range of employability skills and enhance the students future career prospects.

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DMKT H3011

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*Curricular information is subject to change


The work experience module involves the placement of the student in a structured professional digital/marketing working environment. This is an integral aspect of preparing students for a career in the digital / marketing/business industry and gives them an opportunity to reflect on and test out the link between theory and practice. The work experience is designed to facilitate the development of skills required for professional practice and to help the students identify future career directions. A key aspect is the acquisition of workplace skills gained through the experience of working in a professional setting.

Placement -Operational detail

The placement provides students with the opportunity to link classroom learning with work based practice and facilitates the development of digital/marketing skills in a business environment. Students will be visited once in their placement and links will be established with a work placement coordinator in the company.

Placement Organisations

Placement organisations should be reputable practitioners or well-established businesses within one or more of the different marketing sectors.The placement organisation is expected to be able to provide an appropriate of mentoring and support for the student and to nominate a work placement supervisor who will supervise the student during their work experience, provide appropriate feedback to ITB, and to act as a point of contact with the academic team. The supervisor will discuss the student's learning and personal goals with them, assign appropriate work to the student, and direct and instruct them on an on-going basis throughout the course of the placement. The student should expect to be working as part of a team and is expected to take direction and follow instruction. All placement organisation must be approved in advance in order to ensure the appropriate infrastructure for supporting the student is in place.

Induction preparatory workshop

This module consists of a preparatory workshop in semester 4 of year 2 and also at the beginning of year 3 prior to placement. These sessions include an introduction to the aims, learning outcomes and assessment strategies for this module.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100