Module Overview

Brand Management

The module aims to give the learner an awareness of the importance of brands to organisations; the ability to comprehend the nature and nuances of the symbolism and associations of brand imagery; the global and local nature of branding; the integration of branded communications and brand imagery throughout the customer journey both on and offline; the creation of competitive advantage through branding. This module will draw together the many strands which learners will have been exposed to in earlier marketing modules and now contextualise them as they acquire real life experience in their placement. Assessment for this module will be integrated with Placement.

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DMKT H3013

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*Curricular information is subject to change

What is Branding?

What is branding: brands v products, why they matter; what can be branded; what makes strong brands.

Brand Equity

Building brand equity - the CBBE model, building strong brands (salience, performance, imagery, resonance etc)

Creating value

Creating customer value - CRM; engagement, activation and retention.

Brand Positioning

Identifying and establishing relevant brand positioning; articulating positioning through the marketing mix; identifying key brand associations and images which must be reinforced.

Building equity through marketing programmes

Marketing programmes which build brand equity; integrating messages, associations and images across the IMC process; choosing relevant (online/offline)channels to access consumers; identifying appropriate technological networks or platforms to deliver timely content (e.g. 4g V wifi V BTLE V NFC); Creating competitive advantage through strong brands.

IMC and the multi-channel environment

Online and offline - the changing comms environment; how does this change consumer engagement; new models of engagement - AARRR, Long funnel; Tracking the consumer journey across multiple touchpoints; consumer sentiment analysis.

The global opportunity

The global opportunity for brands and the increasingly global nature of branding as a result of competing in the online environment; managing challenges between developed and emerging markets - life stages, positioning, aspiration v accessibilty; advantages and disadvantages of global marketing progammes; addressing cultural issues.

Leveraging brand equity

Leveraging brand equity and creating brand / product extensions through NPD, associations and licenses.

Control and measurement

Control and measurement - setting relevant objectives and identifying, analysing and presenting the metrics of achievement

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100