Module Overview

Effective Writing for Marketing

The purpose of this module is to : • Illustrate the key differences in writing for online vs offline media • Foster a critical understanding of writing for different customer personas • The importance of developing and managing tone of voice •Provide students with the skills geared towards the creation of content which will be distributed across an array of online and offline formats.

Module Code

DMKT H3017

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Business Writing Essentials

•Understanding and developing tone of voice • Crafting a clear message • Organising your writing • establishing style consistency, important grammar, spelling, word-usage, mistakes to avoid

Marketing Message Architecture

•Global communication issues •Content Marketing •Developing Audience personas- B2B, B2C, Various segments • Writing with your audience in mind •Gap analysis • Content audit and strategy • Content types and tone


•What is copywriting? •Choosing the right words •Functions of words. •Writing the first draft •Writing and testing headlines •Structuring copy for print vs. online

Writing for the Web

•The language of the web.• Engaging your audience, Creative Writing for the Web • Simple versus Complex Messages • Writing for mobile •Optimising Content •Landing pages •Writing for search engines •Storytelling & Authenticity •Crafting locally relevant content

Compelling Email Copy

•Calls to action •How copy influences open rates and click-throughs •Structure and headlines •Length •A/B testing •Choose the right words for the right audience

Writing for other platforms

•The art of effective blogging •Twitter copy •Business pitches & presentations- scripting and engagement •Press Releases •Infographics

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100