Module Overview

Electrical Installation Practice

This module imparts knowledge and skills to enable the student to select and specify the components of a domestic/light industrial electrical installation. The module also looks at power quality with a strong emphasis on the topic of harmonic distortion. Power factor the causes effects and solutions as well as the financial impact it has on both installation costs and ongoing utility charges.

Module Code

EINP H2001

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Users Electrical Distribution System:

Distribution network, Eirgrid, Switchgear operation, bus-bars cables. Fault calculations. Protective devices principle of operation, correct selection; discrimination. Power Factor and power factor correction, sizing and consideration for location.

Power Quality:

Various power quality issues i.e. Black out sag surges, causes, effects and solutions. UPS back-up systems, Harmonic disturbance, cause effects and solutions. THDI calculation. and protection. Transformer construction, losses testing, connection of multiple sources in parallel.


Daily load curve, seasonal demand, LVMD tariff, definitions of terminology, calculation of cost, Night /Day units, Power triangle, power factor, billing power factor PSO levy.

Case Studies:

(1) A detailed report using excel/math lab software, to determine total harmonic distortion of the load, identify harmonic breaches, and make practical recommendations regarding possible solutions to include group work and formal presentation.(2) Using excel/math lab software create a tool to calculate the kVAR/farad size of the power factor correction equipment to correct power factor to a predetermined value typically 0.95, but not exclusively, for a range of electrical loads operating at various power factors. The tool should also be capable of calculating the utility costs using the low voltage maximum demand tariff, across a range of power factors. (3) Detailed report for the specification and design of electrical supply for a large item (100kw) of new plant connected to the supply network. To include cable sizing, protective devices, fault current calculations, implications on capacity of existing supply transformer.


Hardware: transformer construction, rating, core losses, copper losses, Hysteresis losses, Short circuit Open circuit testing, Power efficiency, all day efficiency, Power/Distribution transformer, Parallel operation.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination60
Other Assessment(s)40