Module Overview

Computer Programming

The aim of this subject is to give the student the necessary skills and knowledge to allow the student to design, implement and test programs written in the C language.

Module Code

EMSY H3001

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Program design:

Modular structured programming designusing Functional Decomposition with Pseudocode and/or Flowcharts;Flowchart/algorithm Testing and Walkthrough; Generating a Program from aTested Flowchart/algorithm.

C programming :

The development Environment;Overview of High Level languages; Introduction to Program code; Data types;Basic operators and expressions; Input and output; File operations; Operators; Standard math functions; Selection statements; Logicaland relational operators; Looping statements; Arrays; Strings; Pointers;Functions; Pass by value and Pass by reference.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)45
Formal Examination55