Module Overview

Creative Photography

The purpose of this module is for students to explore manual camera controls, techniques, and fundamental ways of photographic seeing, in order to produce and evaluate their own creative photographic work.

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FOTO H1007

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Creative Photography

Pinhole camera construction; disposable camera use; the single lens reflex camera; lenses; manual camera controls; focusing; aperture control and the effects of depth of field; shutter speeds and the effects of movement; film speeds using the ISO rating system; taking accurate reflective light readings; exposure latitude; an appreciation of the qualities of ambient natural and artificial light; the appropriate use of a tripod and cable release; choosing suitable film and recognising its inherent limitations and characteristics; techniques for composition; print selection; captioning; print finishing, mounting and presentation; the evaluation and critique of images; black-and-white and colour photography; aesthetic and technical factors affecting the use of black-and-white or colour; health and safety considerations for the traditional darkroom. A high degree of self-expression will be encouraged through individual practice-based project work and the production of context driven photographic narratives rather than the production of one-off discrete images without meaning. The elementary contextual aspects of the medium will be studied, with reference to the social and cultural history of photography and its development as a vehicle for creative communication.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100