Module Overview

Business Simulation

This module is a simulated exercise through the medium of a digital platform. It provides an interactive, self directed, experiential learning experience whilst holistically engaging and developing the students skill set. It allows students to take control of a business, test their assumptions, develop their management skills and learn from their mistakes. This module supports an integrative learning effect as the sum of knowledge in other modules compliments the challenges students face in the simulation.

Module Code

GAME H3000

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Digital Platform

Introduction to the simulated / virtual realty interface. Learning to navigate new technology. Identifying required key outcomes.

Decision making

Review of decision making techniques. Engaging in decision making through team management. Exploring decision making, it's outcomes and ramifications.

Team Management

Identifying team roles. Outing tasks and responsibilities according to team roles. Assuming responsibility in reality and virtual reality. Developing and harnessing soft skills for team interaction, motivation and political navigation.

Project Management

Engaging in best practice for project management in reality and through the digital interface. Gaining knowledge about the importance of deadlines, details and critical thinking.

Evaluation, Analysis and Feedback

Evaluation, analysis and feedback from digital platform. Evaluation, analysis and feedback from team members in a 360 format. Self evaluation and reflection of learning exercise.

Module Content & Assessment
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