Module Overview

Instrumentation for Engineers

This module provides an introduction to electronic and instrumentation devices, sensors and systems that are used in a broad range of engineering disciplines.

The aims of the module are to assist the learner to:

• develop knowledge and skills in identifying and selecting a range of electronic devices and sensors;

• construct and test basic electronic circuits and instrumentation systems

• describe and evaluate the operation and performance of a number of electronic sub-systems.


The module is intended to provide useful knowledge to those learners who do not plan to take other electrical or electronic engineering modules after Stage 1 is completed, as well as the necessary fundamental knowledge to those learners who do plan to take such modules after Stage 1.

Module Code

INST 1000

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Electronics: Diodes. Transistors. Operational Amplifiers.


Sensors and Measurement: Sensors for the measurement of a number of physical quantities: e.g. temperature, flow, strain and force. Signal conditioning circuits for measurement applications.


Digital Electronics: Logic elements. Boolean logic and equations. Construction of circuits using combinational logic. Introduction to sequential logic elements and applications such as counters.


Data Conversion: Analogue and digital quantities. Concept of data conversion. A/D and D/A conversion principles. Conversion limitations and errors.

The material will be presented to the learners in the form of

Lectures (which will include active learning such as problem solving exercises and multiple choice quizzes), with associated self-directed learning.

Laboratory based on the following: (a) standard laboratory exercises on the basic electronic devices; (b) mini-project work based on a simple instrumentation application; and (c) problem and review questions.

Two hour lecture per week delivered to all students.

Two hour laboratory session in groups of typically 16 students.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination70
Other Assessment(s)30