Module Overview

German for Business 3b

The module is designed for students who have a foundation in business language and focusses on the skills needed for participation in sales negotiations and meetings. It also aims to further develop general language proficiency and to deepen students’ understanding of aspects of contemporary life as reflected in the media of the German-speaking countries.

Module Code

INTB H3025

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Ongoing: developing listening and speaking skills

Initiating, maintaining and closing face-to-face conversation in the context of developing negotiation skills;Knowing how to ask a question, listen, respond and persuade;Summarising the point reached in a discussion, asking for clarification, and confirming mutual understanding.

Ongoing: developing reading and writing skills

Collating information from different sources;Learning the conventions of essay, commentary and summary writing and how to paraphrase information in own words;Narrating the plot of a feature film or a piece of literature and describing responses to these.

Topic 1:Selling and negotiating in a German-speaking environment

Preparing the sale: profile of a sales person; profile of a good negotiator;Setting up appointments;Making the sale: how to consult with clients, sales talk, observing body language and cultural differences in formal and informal settings;After sales: knowing how to answer customers’ needs, queries and complaints;Organising, conducting and participating in meetings in a German-speaking environment.

Topic 2: Grammar and Structures

Passive;Review of cases;Adjective endings

Topic 3:Life in contemporary German-speaking countries

Aspects of German culture and society to include the press, TV, radio and cinema will be studied through the use of written text, film and Internet resources.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)50
Formal Examination50