Module Overview

Applied Media Law

The aim of the module is to familiarize students with the legal environment of the media industries and in particular the laws governing intellectual property, data protection and professional standards and conduct. The students will become familiar with and capable of discussing the relevant legal concepts. As law is an ongoing and dynamic subject the syllabus content will be expanded or modified, as the case may be, to reflect developments in the law set out in this module.

Module Code

LAWS H3000

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

The Legal Environment

Common law and Civil Law Jurisdictions. Introduction to concepts involved in conflicts of law. Legal issues raised by developments in digital media, telecommunications and e-commerce.

Contract law

Formation of contract. Exemption clauses. Mistake, Misrepresentation, Duress and Undue Influence Illegality, Discharge and Remedies.Application of contract law to the audio visual industries – legal issues in pre-production work, option agreements, copyright clearance, screenplay agreements, licences and assignments, actors agreements, performers consents, release forms, insurance. The Contract of Employment.

Law of Torts

Introduction to the Law of Torts. Defamation. Negligence.

Advanced Intellectual Property

Trademarks, Domain Names, Copyright, Performers Rights. Moral Rights, Internet Domain Names. Intellectual property, licensing, production and distribution agreements.

Legal regulation of the internet

Privacy, free speech, incitement to hatred, child protection and pornography. Harmful and illegal uses of the internet. Data Protection.

Resolution and Avoidance of Media Disputes

Dispute avoidance. Dispute Resolution. The Courts. Arbitration. International Arbitration. Alternative Dispute Resolution. Internet Domain Name Dispute Resolution. Broadcasting and Advertising Complaints procedures.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)50
Formal Examination50