Module Overview

Laboratory Skills 3 for Bioanalysis

The aim of this module is to facilitate the student in becoming competent in laboratory techniques associated with the related modules delivered in semester 3 of the bioanalysis programme (namely Scientific Analysis, Principles of Biochemistry and General Microbiology). Underlying themes will be the need for team-work, good laboratory practice, statistical evaluation of results, along with development of students' scientific presentation skills. Additionally the student will gain skills in informatics.

Module Code

LSKI H1004

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Scientific Analysis 1:

Practical sessions will include: system set-up; basic trouble shooting, sample preparation, interpretation of chromatograms, qualitative and quantative analysis, data collation and statistical analysis.

Principles of Biochemistry

Applying the Beer-Lambert Law using the Biuret and Warburg-Christian Assays; Isolation of glycogen from cells and glycogen estimation using the Glucose oxidase Assay; Determination of enzyme activity and preparation of a Micahelis-Menten Curve and Lineweaver-Burke plot for a model enzyme system; Protein analysis using SDS-PAGE.

General Microbiology

The preparation and utilisation of general purpose, selective and differential media; Performing basic and differential staining techniques, including the Gram stain; Generation of a bacterial growth curve and determination of the generation time of a culture; The effects of temperature,oxygen and ultra-violet light on bacterial growth; The enumeration of microbial populations in a sample; The use of a light microscope to examine microorganisms; The detection of exoenzyme production by bacteria.


Information systems; Computer based data and graph analysis; Library and Internet resources; Introduction to scientific journal publications; Citation and referencing methods; Report writing including drafting meeting minutes; Plagiarism; The scientific process; Effective oral presentation skills; Preparation of curriculum vitae and interview skills.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100