Module Overview

Laboratory Skills I

This module develops fundamental practical skills across the experimental science disciplines. It is intrinsically linked to the theory covered in Biology 1, Chemistry 1 and Physics 1. It includes a component in Laboratory Practice and Procedure. Upon completion of this module the student should have the laboratory skills needed to set up and run experiments based on the related theory modules; collect and analyse raw data and work safely in the laboratory.The concepts of team-work and good laboratory practice will be emphasised throughout.

Module Code

LSKI H1006

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Biology 1

Introduction to light microscopy; Diffusion and osmosis; Applying simple biochemical techniques to food analysis. Isolation of DNA and photosynthetic pigments from plant cells; Blood typing.

Chemistry 1

Determination of water of crystallisation; Purification and analysis of simple organic compounds; Volumetric analysis including solution preparation and titrations (pH, redox and gravimetric); Measurement of pH and pKa

Physics 1

Tabulation and graphing of data in experiments to determine: Acceleration due to Earth's gravity (g), the Coefficient of Restitution of a ball, Velocity and Acceleration using a Linear Air Track; the Spring Constant of an elastic system and the Viscosity of a fluid. Specific Heat Capacity and of Latent Heat of Fusion. The relationship between Temperature and Pressure of a gas. Examination of the acoustic properties of a material.

Laboratory Practice and Procedures

Interactive web-based exercises on laboratory safety, hazards, storage and waste disposal, equipment and reagent preparation, SDS sheets. Virtual laboratory exercises on solution preparation.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100