Module Overview

Introductory Mathematics

This module revisits the important basic areas of mathematics that learners may have previously studied. It cements the skills of basic arithmetic and algebra, the solution of basic triangles, calculus and vectors. It raises the level of ability in these areas so that the learner can progress to more difficult concepts in later modules.

Module Code

MATH 1901

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

• Arithmetic: Integers, powers and indices, scientific notation, fractions and decimals, fractional powers and logarithms.

• Basic Algebra: Manipulation of symbols, formulae and equations, factorisation, inequalities.

• Straight Lines/ Quadratic equations: Different forms of the equation of a straight line, intersection of two lines, linear inequalities. The quadratic curve, quadratic equations and roots, completing the square, applications.

• Further Algebra: sigma notation, polynomials, remainder and factor theorems, partial fractions.

• Functions: Domain, co-domain, range. One-one, onto and bijections. Composition of functions. Inverse functions including trigonometric functions.

• Calculus: Functions, limits, continuity. Differentiation from first principles. Differentiation of simple functions. Applications to applied physics problems.

• Trigonometry: The unit circle, radian measure, trigonometric functions and their graphs, relationships between angles, compound angles, cosine and sine rules, solution of triangles, changing products to sums and sums to products.

• Vectors: Vectors in two and three dimensions. Dot and cross products. Components of a vector. Applications to applied physics problems.

Lectures supported by tutorials and problem sheets which may be supplemented by online materials and the use of mathematical software packages.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination70
Other Assessment(s)30