Module Overview

Network Analysis & Transportation

This module expands on the fundamental concepts of network analysis and transportation covered in MATH 2804. It introduces the minimal spanning tree problem and the maximal flow problem; and the theory behind the solution of such problems. It also introduces the assignment and transhipment models and their solutions. Case studies of all models will be presented, formulated and solved using appropriate software.

Module Code

MATH 3813

ECTS Credits


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Network Models
Review of network analysis and shortest route problem.
Further applications of shortest route problem.
Minimal spanning tree problem and solution.
Maximal flow problem and solution. Solution with Excel.
Case studies of above models.
Review of transportation model and northwest corner method of solution.
Least Cost Method and Vogel method of solution.
Examples of non-traditional transportation models.
Assignment Model. Definition and solution.
Hungarian method of solution.
Simplex explanation of Hungarian method.
Transshipment Model. Definitions and solution.
Case studies of above models.

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Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination70
Other Assessment(s)30