Module Overview

Quantum Mechanics I

This module introduces the students to quantum mechanics from first principles. Simple quantum systems will be studied and the formalism of quantum theory introduced both in terms of wave functions (Schrödinger formulation) and matrices (Heisenberg’s formulation).

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MATH 4813

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The Wave Function

The Schrödinger equation. Statistical interpretation. Probability. Normalization. Momentum. The Uncertainty Principle.

Time-independent Schrödinger Equation

Stationary states. The infinite square well. The harmonic oscillator. The free particle. The Dirac delta-function. The delta-function potential. The S-matrix.


Hilbert spaces. Observables. Eigenfunctions of a Hermitian operator. Generalized statistical interpretation. The Uncertainty Principle. Dirac notation.

Quantum Mechanics in three dimensions

The Schrödinger equation in spherical coordinates. The Hydrogen atom. Angular Momentum. Spin.

Lectures supported by problem solving sessions

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination100