Module Overview

Mathematics 1

This subject supports other electronic engineering subjects in year 1 by covering algebra, coordinate geometry of the plane, right angled triangles, oscillations and complex numbers.

Module Code

MATH H1060

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change


Laws of indices (With scientific units and scientific notation). Precedence rules.Multiplication and simple factorisation. Fractions and algebraic fractions.Transposition of formulae. Solution of quadratic and linear equations.

Further Algebra

Simultaneous equations (linear+linear, linear+circle). Solving linear inequalities.Completing the square (to factorize and solve quadratics).


Right-angled triangles, Pythagoras’ theorem. Sin, cos and tan. Solution of right-angled triangles. The unit circle and right angle triangles. Rotation. Solution of simple trigonometric equations. Trigonometric formulae. Degree to radian conversion. Sketching and reading graphs of trigonometric functions. Applications of trigonometry to problems in Electronic Engineering: A.C. current, Signal frequency, amplitude, phase.

Coordinate geometry

Equation of straight line through data. Plotting simple linear laws, y-interceptand slope. Right angle triangle, Pythogoras, Distance in 2D, the Equation of circle and Polar coordinates in 2D.

Complex numbers

Argand/Phasor diagram. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ofcomplex numbers. Rotation. Right angle triangle and Polar form. Exponential form. Eulers fromula. De Moivre’stheorem. Phase angle and phasors. Application to complex impedance in RLC circuits.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)30
Formal Examination70