Module Overview

Principles of Sports Medicine

This module aims to provide the students with an understanding of  current sports medicine issues. Beginning with an introduction to the role of the sports medicine team, this module takes an overview of the multi-disciplinary approach to the medical aspects of performance whether in a structured sport or general exercise context, both at elite and community level.

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MEDI H2001

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*Curricular information is subject to change

The Sports Medicine team

History of Sports Medicine; The Role of the Sports Scientist; Athlete centered models; NGB's and administration; Local perspectives;

Biological Tissue Healing :

Normal tissue response to stress & overload; Phases of Injury; Phases of Biological Healing of tissues, Bone, Tendon, Muscle and Ligament.

Sports Injuries of the Upper Body:

Sports Injuries in The Upper Limb, included joints; The head & neck , concussion. The Spine and Sacroiliac Joint – Acute and Chronic Injuries of the Spine.

Sports Injuries of the Lower Body:

Injury of the The Pelvis, Groin and Thigh; Acute and Chronic presentation of Thigh and Groin Pain – Quadriceps-related pain, the Hamstring; The Knee and Lower Leg; The Ankle and Foot

Clinical Investigations in Sports Medicine

Sonography & Imaging ; Radiology; The Athletes Heart - Electro-Cardio Gram (ECG); Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); Concussion and Sport; Use of Drugs in Sport.

Sports Medicine case studies : topical research articles

Injury prevention, Rule change, Protective measures;First Aid; Nutrition and Injury; Children in Sport; Women in Sport; Sports injuries in Veterans; Gender Related Injuries in Sport and Exercise, Disability and Sport;

formal lectures and workshops, guest speakers, oral presentations, group work, case studies, reflective portfolio creation

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)50