Module Overview

2D Animation

This module is designed to continue the student development in Motion Design and to focus on 2D animation. It covers the preliminary steps of producing an animation film from initial concept through storyboarding, to character and location design. It teaches the student to create strong believable animations by developing a sense of observation, timing, and motion. Students will work in teams and will be jointly responsible for the planning and outcome of the project. The main project will be a significantly-sized production, with the objective of producing a short movie animation that integrated various multimedia elements such as video, stop action animation, sound etc., to complete a multilayer multimedia production together with accompanying documentation.

Module Code

MULT H2008

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Project Planning & Development

Analysis of brief, research and design appropriate solutions, developing functionality specification, implementing screen design, layout presentation options, integration of the various digital multimediamedia components of the project. Concentrated analysis of the functionality of the project, its effectiveness, possible improvements etc.

Media Production for Multimedia

Introduction to media production for animation – digital capture and editing of sound and video, type and animation. Through discussion and practical assignments, the module should provide an understanding of the production processes, complexity, tools and challenges involved in the production of a 2D animations

Create a 2D Animation using industry standard software

Create and produce a standalone 2D animation based on finalised design and functionality specifications.


Focus on the graphic design principles for visual design for 2D animation.

Course Work


Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100