Module Overview

Artist Development and Entrepreneurship

In the ever-changing music industry, it is necessary to become a competent, resilient, and self-reliant artist. This module takes a hands-on approach to learning, helping students to develop a range of skills that enable well-rounded musicians to be effective and self-sufficient in several crucial areas. These areas relate to musical and artistic aspects of being a musician, as well as critical and aesthetic skills, practical decision making and project management.

Artist Development & Entrepreneurship benefits from the participation of every BA1 stream. As well as developing skills individually, group assignments will provide opportunities for students to work on their collaborative team working and ensemble skills, to get to know their peers and to find the right people to collaborate with in order to realise their music projects to a high standard.

Module Code

MUSG 1004

ECTS Credits


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Collaborative Composition


Songwriting Arrangement Techniques


Recording Techniques




Managing Performance Anxiety


Live Performance


Rehearsal Techniques


Project Management & Logistics


Designing and Delivering Presentations


Essay Writing


Activities throughout the year are designed to prepare students for the module assessments. There will be a mixture of both individual and group tasks. Class time will provide opportunities to get to grips with topics covered.  Working independently is also outside of class time is crucial: students will need to continue with study, research, and completion of tasks outside of class, either individually or in groups, depending on the assignment.

Tutorial sessions are held weekly (available to all students) and provide valuable opportunities for one-to-one tuition and support.

In preparation for the assessments, we will conduct and number of projects during the year that relate to fundamental activities which professional musicians engage in, undertaking individual and group assignments to gain hands-on experience in these areas. The work produced in these projects will serve as vital components in the module assessments.

Online Platforms

Canvas, the virtual learning environment, is an integral part of the module, hosting many resources, including the module guide and scheme of work. It features a week-by-week breakdown of activities, and it is also the platform where assessments are submitted and graded.

Module Content & Assessment
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