Module Overview

Live Performance Workshop (SW)

This module is shaped by two learning arcs. In the first arc, informed by cultural theory encountered in the Essential Development Skills module, students will be challenged to consider the nature of popular song-writing and performance, and to actively engage with it through their own practice.

Through individual and collaborative work, students will be supported in exploring the artists they are and would like to be, as they move forward in their creative journeys.

The second arc, takes students through the process of arranging and rehearsing their compositions to a standard suitable for public performance.  It provides musicians with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in Arrangement Analysis and Artist Development and Entrepreneurship.

The Pre-production component aims to equip writers with the creative impetus, practical, analytical and communication skills, needed to take a song from inception, to one that is fully arranged and ready for ensemble rehearsal. Preparation time will be limited and musicians will be expected to take full responsibility for preparation for this class, arriving with appropriate reference material, charts and lyric sheets.

The Live Performance Workshop component offers writers/performers the opportunity to further develop the prepared material to a standard suitable for live performance before an audience.  In this class, performers will be put with the BIMM House Band and expected to direct the rehearsals up to a fully competent performance. In order to facilitate this process, they will also be expected to prepare a lead sheet, in standard notation, for each part of the arrangement, with an accompanying production sheet, giving stylistic, sonic and performance instruction. 

Students will be encouraged to develop confident leadership skills, performance techniques, arrangement skills and the interpersonal skills necessary for effective communication, all of which are essential to professional preparation and performance. 

Both of these classes aim to encourage professional attitudes in pre-production and performance, while fostering creativity and individuality.

N.B.  Students are encouraged to participate in the development of all arrangements, armed with notes on the weekly arrangements and performance ideas, continually providing critical feedback of the overall performance.

Module Code

MUSG 2009

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Using musical reference material effectively and accurately to enhance arrangements


Using standard notation in the production of lead sheets for musicians


Analysing and rehearsing individual musical parts professionally


Understanding personal and ensemble dynamics in creative and performance situations


Performing as an emotive and committed musician


Listening to the members of the ensemble effectively and communicating on stage


Experimenting with subject matter, musical and performance stylings


Developing confidence as a stage performer (and learning to control nerves/anxiety)


Reflective practice and analytical skill as they apply to arranging and performance


This module will be delivered using a range of methods including tutor presentation with audio/visual support, individual work, small group work, tutor/peer feedback and self-reflection, coursework, discussions, e-learning through the VLE, independent study and research, personal rehearsal time.

An integral part of the teaching and learning methods used to deliver this module is a system of feedback and self-reflection developed at BIMM.  This includes a mixture of peer and tutor feedback, small group feedback teams and written self-reflection.  The aim is to encourage reflective practice, which can then inform an open and creative work ethic.  Reflection will also focus on the transferable skills employed within each song that can be applied to other performances, including the student’s own development of original material outside of the classroom.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100