Module Overview

Professional Musicianship

In this module a student takes control of the direction of their instrument-specific technical development and progression. 

If a musician wishes to be employable in a competitive environment, they must consider the direction they take as a performing artist very carefully.  Many players are highly skilled technicians but have developed specialist abilities in an area that may have limited professional application. This module encourages a musician to reflect upon their desired career outcomes (as defined in their Programme Planning document) and plan their technical development and working practice accordingly, mapping their current abilities against those of working professionals.

An area of specialism is negotiated with the module tutor. Emphasis will be placed upon the development of effective working practice and the contextualisation of technique within the working environment.

Students should negotiate their technical study path with their tutor and specialise in one particular branch of instrumental or vocal technique. For example, a guitar player may opt to undertake a detailed study of alternate tunings or slide guitar, a drummer may study double bass drum technique, and a vocalist may develop their range or projection. If this choice is judged to have sufficient substance to warrant detailed analysis, then this direction can be pursued under the guidance of the tutor.

Module Code

MUSG 3004

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Technical Development

Study of designated instrument-specific exercises designed to develop and hone technique

Style & Genre

Including study of the key traits associated with (across disciplines) Rock, Jazz, Latin, Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk and Reggae

Equipment Knowledge

Including microphone technique, instrument knowledge and set-up

Tonal and Sonic Quality

Including how to get a variety different sounds using different equipment and techniques


Including the creation of realistic and workable practice routine.  The validity of practice and what to work on to get the best results

Improvisation and Musicality

How to play with musical flair as well as accuracy.  How to improvise creatively and effectively.

This module will be delivered utilising a range of methods, including formal lectures with audio-visual support, small group work, tutor led seminars & master-classes, e-learning through the BIMM VLE and Independent study & research and practice.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100