Module Overview

Solo Performance

Many musicians develop advanced technical skills but fail to realise their true potential as live performers. Professional musicians must develop consistency in their performances, versatility in their skills and repertoire knowledge, and deliver high performance standards with limited preparation time.

Students will be asked to select, prepare and perform one or more technically demanding performance piece(s) per performance. The two programmes will be 20 and 15 minutes in duration and students will be encouraged to consider the structure of the performances as a whole and discuss this with their tutor.

Students will be expected to develop effective preparation skills for professional performance and emphasis will be placed upon the development of technical ability together with the study and acquisition of a diverse range of repertoire.

Module Code

MUSG 4004

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Technical Development

Developing fluency, consistency, accuracy, and speed for executing challenging pieces and passages, proper intonation and vibrato


Learning a broad range of material within a genre, playing convincingly in different genres, and becoming aware of the changes in techniques and stylistic traits of a specific genre as it developed over time


Choosing the proper equipment and spare parts for a given situation, learning songs quickly and accurately, and writing out parts for yourself and others


Developing improvisation skills, utilising dynamics, employing genre-specific techniques, to make performances more authentic and appropriate, and performing with an accurate sense of time

Performance Skills

Selecting the right compositions for a performance, placing the material in an effective and logical order, developing stage presence and confidence in communicating one’s unique musical voice and artistic vision

This module will be delivered using a range of methods including; formal lectures with audio/visual support, small group work, coursework, in class exercises, tutor demonstration, e-learning through the BIMM Dublin VLE and independent study and research.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100