Module Overview

Ensemble Performance

This module is designed to help students develop their skills as musicians, performers and creative professionals at an advanced level, with a particular focus on contributing effectively to ensemble performances.

It gives instrumentalists, vocalists, and songwriters an opportunity to further develop their performing and playing abilities as well as writing and arranging skills in a truly creative environment. While individual work will be an essential element, emphasis will be placed on creative collaboration when preparing and executing performances to a high standard.

Developing aesthetic awareness and critical skills in relation to developments in modern musical performance culture will be a central concern of the module. Students will have a unique opportunity to study the various facets of performance, analyse the work of influential artists and to actively experiment with new techniques in their own practice. The aim to is experience new possibilities and learn new musical and performative techniques in order to help students realise their potential as distinctive musicians and performers.

In comparison with previous performance-based modules, students are granted a greater level of autonomy with regard to music making and performance. The module is geared towards coaching and supporting them so that they can conceive, prepare and deliver highly impactful performances

Module Code

MUSG 4005

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Rhythm and Percussion

Exploring approaches and developing technique

Improvisation with drone notes

Creative vocal and instrumental technique

Creative use of technology in composition and performance


Stage presence – performance techniques


Managing performance anxiety and performance preparation techniques


Studying performers


Characterisation, stage craft and role play


Creative writing techniques

Mining for ideas and developing a creative vision

Presentation skills

Live visuals, costume, set design and lights

Classes throughout the year include a series of projects that focus on specific approaches to making musicand performing. During these projects you’ll learn about the key artists associated with the approach or genre in question, their work, their ideologies and methods. We’ll conduct workshops where methods are explored, and performances are developed. Students will then have an opportunity to apply what they’ve learnt, working as part of an ensemble on a project assignment piece that they can include in their performance rationale and which will go towards their grades. While group work is an important part of the module, individual input and initiative is also major factor in achieving results of a high standard. 

As Term 2 progresses, the teaching approach changes - seeing as students are very much in the driving seat with regard to what they do for Assessment 3, their final performance exam, the teaching approach is adapted to facilitate this and support them as they develop their ideas and plans. 

The Ensemble Performance module section on Canvas is where all material relating to the module will be hosted, including the module guide, assignment briefs, useful resources and reference material. Students should engage with it regularly.

Pebblepad is the online platform used to host the Performance Rationale portfolios that students create to accompany both performance exams. In Term 1, class time will be dedicated to learning how to work with Pebblepad and tutors will guide students through the process of creating a Project 1 page and embedding their Project 1 performance videos (see the details on the Performance Rationale in the Assessment section below).

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100