Module Overview

IT Network Management

This module aims to equip the student with the skills necessary understand various different network topologies and protocols which are encountered in the industrial environment. The students are also familiarised with hardware elements of a typical network system such as cabling, nodes, sensors, network devices and interfaces.

Module Code

NETW H2006

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to data networks.

Hardware in local networks, design of local networks, LAN topology, OSI model. Communication protocols in local networks, communication with peripheral equipment and modem communication. Services in local and remote networks, client-server systems, network monitoring systems, logging on and reporting. Data security Practical assignments in the use, organisation and operation of PC- based local networks. EIA/TIA standards.

LAN cabling, devices and interfaces.

Fibre, RJ45, UTP, Thin/Thick Ethernet, CAT 5. Wiring pinouts. Distance Constraints. Structured cabling, Wiring Practice, RS232, RS449, Distance bandwidth limitations, Routers and Switches, and associated rules; PC Card NIC, AUI Interface and pin out. Terminal Emulation Settings, VT series emulation. ASCII.

Industrial Networks.

Fieldbus, Devicebus, Sensorbus, Open Systems Interconnect model, Fieldbus architectures. Data link layer. Protocol solutions commercially available, System Architecture; Industrial network topologies

Intro to Wireless Industrial Communications.

Wireless networks wireless sensor networks, protocols, diversity techniques, error control

Introduction to SCADA.

Introduction the fundamentals of SCADA systems hardware, software and the communications systems that connect the outstations to the SCADA Master Control station. The application of both Local Area and Wide Area networks for SCADA system communications is also addressed. Data logging systems, specification and implementation.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)5