Module Overview

Optometry and Vision Science Research Project

Students conduct an experimental research project on a small group/inividual basis, following review of current literature and formulation of a research hypothesis and plan. Potential project topics are proposed by supervisors, however, students are able to propose alternate topics and these will be facilitated by supervisors whenever feasible. Students are allocated to groups according to the availability schedule of supervisors.

Data is collected and collated on a joint basis by members of the project group, but analyzed and interpreted on an individual basis. A final report is made by each student. A seminar-style oral presentation of the project work is made by the group and/or individual.

The aims of this module are;

  • to provide students with the experience of planning, conducting, and reporting on experimental research.
  • to develop their ability to critically evaluate clinical and scientific publications in optometry and vision science.

Module Code

OPTO 4809

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change
  • Review of current literature in topic area.
  • Formulation of research hypothesis and experimental plan.
  • Subject recruitment, data collection and analysis.
  • Research report (summary of literature review, research objectives, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions).
  • Oral seminar presentation of the completed project.
  • CORU Optical Registration Board Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
  • The CORU Standards of Proficiency for Optometrists covered, wholly or in part, in this module are within the following domains 1.Professional Autonomy and Accountability, 2.Communication, Collaborative Practice and Teamworking, 3.Safety and Quality, 4.Professional Development, and 5.Professional Knowledge and Skills.

Tutorials will be given in experimental design and data analysis. Students will use self-directed learning (inter alia) to complete a literature review and apply data analysis techniques. Data collection and collation will be conducted as group project work. The project will culminate in a thesis (final written report) and presentation.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100