Module Overview

Topics in Modern Optometry

Modern optometry is a rapidly advancing and ever-changing healthcare profession. The scope and modes of practice continue to expand, reflecting the growing importance of allied healthcare professions within primary healthcare. This module has been designed to be adaptable and flexible to the needs of a changing profession, and to prepare students for changes and advances both in the scope and mode of clinical optometric practice in Ireland and overseas.

Topics currently offered include:

  • Public Health Optometry: As optometry is a first point of entry to the health care system, optometrists have specific expertise in the detection of ocular disease and systemic disease with ocular effects. This module examines ways that optometry can deliver quality care and promote better health outcomes, and reflects on optometry’s role within the larger health care delivery system
  • Refractive Surgery for Optometrists: Optometrists are increasingly working in the area of refractive surgery and even those that are not, are constantly asked advice on refractive surgery from their patients. This module looks at the roles and responsibilities of optometrists with regard to co-managing refractive surgery patients and advising patients on refractive surgery. The aim of the module is to give students the information they need to co-manage refractive surgery patients and to give patients appropriate advice regarding refractive surgery. Optometrists working in refractive surgery clinics must work as part of multi-disciplinary teams and so the module also aims to get the students to look at how they work as part of a group. Refractive surgery is constantly evolving and so students need to learn the skills of self-directed learning so that, post qualification, they will know how to keep themselves up to date with all the latest developments

Module Code

OPTO 4810

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Contact teaching hours will consist of a mix of workshops, lectures, and tutorial sessions.


The student will complete an element on-line, including MCQs and discussion board postings.


Online support will be delivered through Brightspace, TU Dublin’s e-learning system, with supporting references supplied. 

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100