Module Overview

Physical Activity and Health

This module aims to develop students’ understanding of the relationships between fitness, physical activity, exercise training and health during the global physical inactivity crisis of today. This module will address contemporary issues, practices, and evidence-based research in physical activity and health. The student will explore how the different disciplines contribute to current issues in the physical activity and health field. This will provide a framework for evaluating the immediate and possible future benefits of physical activity, as well as methods of prescription and measurement of physical activity. A secondary focus will also include implementing physical activity in adapted (special) populations.

Module Code

PHED H1001

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Lifelong sport, fitness and physical education

Current possibilities for lifelong physical activity, physical activity opportunities for different groups, problems of obesity and resulting health costs and the infrastructure required to support healthy lifestyles.

Problems and issues in Physical activity and health

The influence of today's society on the inactivity and obesity crisis. Barriers and Facilitators to physical activity.

The history and development of the field of physical activity

Early sport and physical ativity developments, the influence of Rome and Greece on physical activity and health. Later influences of Europe and changes in America. Major world events and their influence on physical activity focus

Principles of exercise prescription

Evidence based guidelines for prescription of physical activity. Including aerobic, strength, neuromuscular and balance prescription and considerations for various populations. Components of fitness and prescription of training principles.

Principles of health promotion and planning

The five pillars of public health, case studies into health promotion, barriers that contribute to physical inactivity, political barriers, cost vs benefit. succesfull programs in Ireland/the world.

Principles of adapted physical activity

perception towards disability, historic develpment of physical activites for disabled populations, special considerations, the IDEA act 1990, categories of disability and case studies

Methods used to achieve the module learning outcomes will include lectures, debates, practicals, case studies, problem-solving exercises, video presentations, self-directed learning and field based assesments.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination60
Other Assessment(s)40