Module Overview

Clinical Measurement Science

This is to teach stage 2 CMS students the basics in the four different clinical disciplines Cardiology, Vascular Science, Respiratory and Neurophysiology. This is to give them the knowledge and the hands on experience of looking at routine tests so that when they go to the clinical environment in stage 3, they are experienced with routine tests on healthy individuals and can move on to diseased patients. This should also allow students to link previous knowledge of anatomy, physiology and physics to diagnostic tests and equipment.

Building on year one, students will further develop their reflective practice and writing skills. Briefing sessions on HSE polices on Safety Incident Management, Open Disclosure and Consent will be provided. Preparing a CV, interview skills and presentation skills form part of the professional studies aspect of this module. Students will be introduced to social determinants of health and their implication for Clinical Measurement Physiologists.

Module Code

PHYS 2003

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

The module will include a series of lectures/tutorial and demonstration by the Clinical Tutors as follows: ·

Basic Principals of Cardiology, Vascular, Respiratory and Neurophysiology ( 4 x 1 hour) ·

Calibration and Quality Assurance ( 4 x 1 hour) ·

Demonstration on how to carry out basic tests ( 4 x 1 hours)

· Guidelines, limitations, indications and contraindications for testing ( 4 x 1 hour) ·

Medical history taking and medical terminology ( 4 x 1 hour) ·

Report writing (4 x 1 hour) Other lectures include: ·

Reflective Practice Workshop (1 hours) ·

Safety Incident Management, Open Disclosure & Consent Policy (2 hours) ·

Social Determinants of Health, Verbal & Non-Verbal and Intercultural

Communication Skills (2 hour) ·

Professional Development: CV, Interview and Presentation Skills (1 hour)

Lectures will include videos, case studies, requisite practical skills, peer observation, role play, self-directed studies and reflective writing.

6 hours in each of Cardiac Physiology, Vascular Physiology, Respiratory Physiology and Neurophysiology.

6 hours in Professional/Clinical Skills

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100